About us

Mattisse Loans is one of those loan companies you should get in business with if you’re not looking to work with middlemen. We’ll directly attend to your needs rather than go for brokers so you can be assured that you’ll benefit from better costs and sweeter deals.

We pride ourselves in our responsible and open approach towards our customers and have managed to maintain a high and consistent level of satisfaction among our customers. Mattisse Loans has a number of customers that had joined since its inception in 1999 and are still loyal customers.

At Mattisse Loans, we specialise in offering logbook loans at competitive APR rates. We understand that having a low credit score doesn’t simply imply that you shouldn’t get a loan so we’ve put together an effective application process that boosts your chances of successfully scoring your loan. So if you’ve been rejected elsewhere due to your bad credit, contact us, we’ll be sure to get you a deal you can say no to.

What makes us different?

  • Simple application process
  • We don’t work with brokers
  • No hidden fees and the interest rates are clearly stipulated when you apply.
  • Our customer care is available on a 24/7 basis ready to answer all your questions.

CCTA membership

Mattisse Loans is also a certified member of the Consumer Credit Trade Association and we work hand in hand with them to ensure that our code of practice honours the customer’s needs. This gives you a guarantee that we hold high standards in our practice and you can have a peace of mind when applying for a loan.